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Enter into our free Prize Draw!

Posted by Lianne on 29th March 2014

Thanks to our friends at ArenaNet and Carbine Studios, we have a bunch of swag for Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar to give away. As our donation total for Child’s Play rises so will the amount of prizes up for grabs!

Initially, the following prizes will be available:

  • Wildstar Lanyard
  • Guild Wars 2 Bundle (containing Guild Wars 2 cloth shoulder bag, Wristband, Notebook, Bandana and Black Rytlock T Shirt (Size M) )
  • Guild Wars 2 Notebook
  • Art of Guild Wars Hardback Book
  • NCSoft Satchel Bag

When donations pass the $500 mark, the following prizes will be added to the pot:

  • Art of Guild Wars 2 Paperback Book
  • Art of Guild Wars Hardback Book
  • Guild Wars White T Shirt (Size L)
  • Wildstar Postcard Pack

More prizes will be unlocked at $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000 and $5000, including Guild Wars 2 Hoodies, a Rytlock Plushie, a Guild Wars 2 Toaster, Wildstar Aurin Mousemat, T-Shirts and Notebooks.

To be in with a chance of winning, sign up to be entered into our free prize draw before 3pm UTC on Sunday 30th March. A full list of tiers is available on the Supporters page.

Meet Our Healers: Relics of Orr

Posted by Lianne on 26th March 2014

Today we had a chat to Kate (aka Spirit) one of the six guild leads of Relics of Orr about their reasons for participating in the event and their plans for making it through the whole twenty four hours.

Relics of Orr

"Relics of Orr is a North American based guild that originated in 2007 in Guild Wars. Today, the majority of the guild is now based in Guild Wars 2, with a scattered presence throughout several other MMOs, including Rift, the Secret World, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. While the majority of our players are from the United States and Canada, a number of us hail from all around the globe, from the UK to New Zealand. Our members tend to be largely PvE players, but the guild also encompasses and encourages a wide range of play-styles and interests."

How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

[MYST] were our allies in the later years of Guild Wars, and we were excited to be invited to participate with them in Healing Over Time after seeing how much they enjoyed MYSTathon.

What do you hope your group will get out of participating in the event?

I hope everyone has a good time and makes some memories together. Playing together like this is something we do regularly, but I hope that everyone enjoys sharing what we do with the world, and doing it for a good cause.

How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We'll have three people trying to do the full 24 hours, and around 20 part-timers at various times throughout the day. There will be quite a cast of characters on our stream throughout the day.

What is going to make your group different?

We're going to be doing a little bit of everything! PvP, PvE, Sandbox games, and MMO's. We've got a wide range of skills levels, experiences, and playstyles in Relics of Orr and we'll do our best to showcase all of them.

What in jokes does your guild have?

There are far too many in jokes to detail here, but I'd have to say my favorites are the abundance of non sequiturs. It's a regular occurrence to reply to nonsense with nonsense of your own until there's an almost logical flow to it. Also tacos.

How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

We've often been supportive of community and charitable events in the past. One of our favorites is Pink Day in LA, and we've been in attendance every year since 2009. Healing Over Time will be our biggest involvement in a charity event to date.

What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

We're especially excited about getting back to our roots in Guild Wars. We're planning on playing Alliance Battles, one of our favorite game-modes of all time. We'll be the ones running around shouting "HAMSTORM!!!" like fools in all chat. There are kids in candy stores less excited than we are to be Hamstorming again.

What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

We'll be changing up what we're doing and who we're playing with often, so I'm hoping that will keep us on our toes. Also energy drinks. And maybe showers. I hear showers help.

You can find out more about Relics of Orr at their website or by following them on twitter.

Meet Our Healers: Enigma

Posted by Lianne on 25th March 2014

We spoke to Mizpah the Guild Leader of Enigma about their motivations for joining us for Healing Over Time and their plans for inter-guild shenanigans.


"Enigma is idealistic, passionate and generally cranky in the mornings before we've had coffee. Enigma is not only a guild, but also a vibrant community of gamers, with friendships that transcend the games we play. Taken as a whole we are from all walks of life and nationalities, we are tolerant and social, but we are also driven – to be the best that we can be at all times. Our guild credo is 'Pro Bonus Dolus, Pro Palmo Ego' - which roughly translates as 'For the good of the guild, before the glory of self'. We expect to genuinely see this attitude in the day to day choices our members make."

How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

A number of people within the guild have been aware of HoT for some time! Its a great opportunity to help a worthwhile cause, by doing something we are passionate about - gaming. Not only do we get to play more games together, its another chance to share some goals and work together, as a guild we thrive on challenges and its great to be able to put our efforts to good use for the community.

How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We are currently planning to have 5 Enigmates participated with 1 stream. 1 of our participants will be part time. Unfortunately the event collides with EGXRezzed, which has precluded a few people from doing the full 24 hours (I fall into this category!) However I am sure as group we will get the job done!

What is going to make your group different?

Does doing things the enigma way count ? You will find a blend of humour, personalities, nationalities, and hairstyles in the guild. We don't tend to follow the script that often when it comes to gaming - we prefer to write our own. From the Comedic to the Analytical, there should be something for everyone amongst the guild streams.

What in jokes does your guild have?

There is a lot of backstory and in jokes within a guild that has been together for nearly a decade! From a raid where monty python kills tanks (true story!), to flying kitchen sinks. From many real life meet-ups to a guild leader that gets lost (allegedly) there is always something happening in Enigma.

How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

We have often supported individuals within the guild for charitable events, but I think this may be the first time we have put the guild out there as a 'entity' for a charitable event!

What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

We are looking to play a multitude of different genres from MMO's to Moba style gaming. We are also looking at arrange a guild-match-off against Myst in Dota 2

What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

By taking this on as a team exercise for those in the guild. There will be plenty of conversation, Banter and Support going on.

Enigma can be found at their website and on twitter if you fancy finding out more.

A Big Thanks To Our Early Supporters!

Posted by Lianne on 24th March 2014

Early Donation - cute Charr - prizes

To thank all our early donors and supporters we're looking to give away a few early prizes from our extensive stash. For the rest of this week, up to 7pm UTC Friday you can get your hands on a Guild Wars 2 Toaster or a Guild Wars 1 Artbook by following us on twitter and retweeting this competition message. Alternatively if you'd prefer a Guild Wars 2 Charr plushie then like us on Facebook and comment on our competition message!

At 7pm UTC Friday we will randomly select a winner for each prize from the entries and will contact them through twitter or facebook for shipping details.

Meet Our Healers: Dragon Season

Posted by Lianne on 21st March 2014

Dragon Season have been helping us behind the scenes at Healing Over Time, helping to get set up, spreading the word and most importantly when the event itself is taking part they'll be working back stage to make sure it goes off without a hitch. We asked Chris (aka Tilion) a member of Dragon Season's guild council what they were getting up to.

Dragon Season

"Dragon Season is both a community website for Guild Wars 2 and a guild that exists in the game. A large part of the community is from Greece, so the content on the website is offered both in Greek and English. Similarly, the Dragon Season guild is international with members from many different countries. Our vision is to be a place where everybody feels welcome and a part of the Dragon Season family. We are mainly found in Guild Wars 2 (and 1!), but as is common for gamers, we play a variety of games and also have a tiny child guild in Rift."

How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

Sam, the lead organizer of Healing over Time has been a friend of mine for quite a while now. Dragon Season always had a close relationship with her guild "Mystic Spiral" and tried to assist them with their ongoing projects on way or another. I guess that's the reason we are part of this charity event. Our sole purpose is to help others and we are here to actively show our support.

What do you hope your group will get out of participating in the event?

We don't hope to gain something personal out of our participation in Healing over Time. Our only hope would be for this event to be successful and help those in need.

How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

As much as we'd like to stream for the event, it seems like our internet connections won't allow us to do so. The generous organizers of Healing over Time though have allowed us to contribute by taking on some other tasks like chat moderation, to ensure that everything will progress rather smoothly on that front, or by joining the streamers in game during the event.

What is going to make your group different?

We like having fun. So, if we were to compete with the rest of the guilds, within the boundaries of good sportsmanship, that would be our motivation.

What in-jokes does your guild have?

We don't have injokes. But we have people that are fun to have around and there's often laughter involved when they're there.

How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

Quite often I'd say. We tend to get involved in Pink Day in LA and the MS Toga party for multiple sclerosis each year, both organized by Gamer's Giving Back.

What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

You'll find us in games like Guild Wars 2, Rift, Torchlight 2, Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends if everything goes according to plan.

What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

We are quite used to living life to the fullest, so I don't that think either fatigue or lack of motivation will be that much of a problem.

If you'd like to discover more about Dragon Season and what else they're getting up to send them a tweet @DragonSeasonCom or visit their website.

Meet Our Healers: BOON Control

Posted by Lianne on 20th March 2014

Today we had the honor of chatting to BOON Control about the creation of Healing Over Time and what they were hoping to bring to the table for the event. Acina the GM of their World of Warcraft guild answered our questions:

Boon Control

"BOON Control is an EU gaming community that has evolved over the years from a PvP raid guild in 2005, to the multi-game focus it has today. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves in PvP/RvR based games, most notably in Aion where we were a driving force on our server, this grit and determination to be the best transferred to Guild Wars 2 where again we strived to be the best. In 2013 a small contingent returned to WoW, initially with no intent, but we're not able to do things by halves. Currently we are progressing through Heroic level content, with an eye on Mystic raiding and server firsts in Warlords of Dreanor. As well as WoW we have a guild ready for Elder Scrolls online, WildStar and members can be found in a plethora of other online games. Why not pop by and say hello, we don't bite!"

How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

We met up with Tasha and several other members of Mystic Spiral at gamescom 2013, one evening we talked about MYSTathon and how we could make it bigger. A few months later we had a fully fleshed out plan to have 6/7 guilds work together to raise money for Child's Play. Here we are today, ready and waiting!

What do you hope your group will get out of participating in the event?

We as a group are looking to have fun for 24 hours, laugh at each other's early morning mistakes and raise a heap of money for Child's Play.

How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We will have 12 people playing full-time for the 24 hours with a roughly the same again helping part-time. As with the other guilds, we are looking to highlight three streams on the Healing Over Time website. We plan to have a hardcore Diablo 3 faceoff between two of our streams as well as a variety of other games being played on the third.

What is going to make your group different?

We are quite a reclusive guild; one of our main rules is that members are encouraged to avoid public forums etc, in part due to being a PvP guild and part of that community, how it tends to be rife with drama. I fully expect things to start off slow but as we get further in, people will get chattier.

What in jokes does your guild have? Can you tell us the stories behind them?

Honestly most of them cannot be publicised, one thing you may notice is there will be much use of the word "thingy". The main source will be Tvar and oddly enough everyone will generally understand what it has been substituted for, even when there are thingies strung together to make a full sentence. Other than that, I fully expect the guild to be on their best behaviour!

How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

Individually we have been in many charity events over the years, members get involved as often as they can. This will be the first year we have taken part in something as a guild.

What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

Personally, I am looking forward to not dying in hardcore Diablo 3. This will be a huge task, especially as I am known for my AFKness!

What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

We hope that those watching can get involved and help us set targets to meet, but we do have forfeits planned for the two Diablo 3 streams to spice things up a bit. Undoubtedly, there will be moments when we flag a little, expect them to be the time when things get a little silly!

If BOON Control sounds like your cup of tea and you'd like to find out more about their extensive guild and its history you can find them at their website, or alternatively drop them a line on twitter.

Meet Our Healers: Afterlife

Posted by Lianne on 19th March 2014

We caught up with our second guild - Afterlife - to talk to Ed Orr (aka Screenager) about what they were hoping to achieve during Healing Over Time.


"Afterlife are an EU gaming community established in 2009, focused primarily on the PvP element of gaming. In Aion we started out as a small band of PvP focused players never willing to give up or to give in and determined to play the game the way we wanted to play it. This struck a chord with other players and in time we have grown from less than 20 players to having hundreds of members playing in multiple guilds across several games. Afterlife has gained its name among the MMO community by performance on the highest level in several MMO’s including but not limited to: AION, AoC, LOTRO, SW:TOR and Guild Wars 2. At this time we have active guilds in both Guild Wars 2 and Aion, with community events running at least once a month and a player base that are never going to turn away from a fight."

How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

I was introduced to Healing over Time by the fantastic work of Mystic Spiral last year. We saw the fantastic work that Sam and the guild did and when I found out it was coming round once more I jumped on the chance to get involved.

As it turns out not only is HoT a fantastic event with a great team behind it but it is now being carried to even greater things by our fellow streamers. There are guilds like Boon Control, Enigma, Mystic Spiral, Relics of Orr and the Viking King all getting involved. Not only is it set to be tons of fun but Afterlife have had interaction with pretty much every guild involved in HoT in the past. What more could you ask from a charity event but good games, great people and lots of friends. Possibly lots of donations for the kids?

What do you hope your group will get out of participating in the event?

Honestly we hope that we get to have a great time and anything we make for charity is worth the effort. Every shiny denomination of your unit of currency counts. The donation widget cannot accept goats, chickens or skritt shiny!

How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We are contributing two full time 24 hour streamers. We expect the guild to drop in and out throughout the day but we haven’t had any hard and fast additional streamers mostly due to technical reasons or shyness on camera. Still we will leave a swathe of death, destruction and empty coffee cups behind us!

What is going to make your group different?

We are looking to be a gap bridge between a number of our other streamers. A number of the groups involved are heavily centred around Guild Wars 2 or Wildstar. We’ve got interest with guilds active across a number of games and we will be popping up across most of the games. Expect to see us dropping in on the other streamers.

How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

We do try to run some sort of charitable event on an annual basis even if it is just to get rid of all the swag we build up. Last year we had one person stream for 24 hours and made a few hundred pounds for charity. If every streamer for HoT makes this we should smash the target for this years HoT!

What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

I'm just looking forward to having an excuse to go to WvW with my guild on stream. It's been far too long since we brought the stream out and got the wider community involved in the game. If chat is busy enough we might even let them drive!

What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

I will be using excessive amounts of coffee! Also from my experience you need to play something that you really, really enjoy and isn’t too cerebral during hours 17-20ish - you don’t want to flake out on the audience.

Afterlife can be reached through their website or twitter if you’d like to know more about the group and the many games they’re involved with. We look forward to seeing what they have planned for the event.

Meet Our Healers: Mystic Spiral

Posted by Lianne on 13th March 2014

Today we start with the first of many pieces where we talk to our participating guilds about what made them what to take part, what they hope to see and what you can expect to see from them during their time in the event. First up is Mystic Spiral! We talked to Sam (aka Tasha Darke) the Guild Leader.

Mystic Spiral

"Mystic Spiral [MYST] is a socially oriented gaming community that was founded in 2006 in Guild Wars. Starting small, we have evolved from a small guild into a community of friends who sometimes happen to play the same games together. With members from Asia, Australia, America and primarily Europe and a relaxed attitude, we strive to create a great gaming experience for everyone. We follow the principle that just because you play for fun doesn't mean you can't be good at it or succeed at the hardest content. Right now we're enjoying playing games like Guild Wars 2 and DOTA2, and we're looking forward to sharing our excitement for these games with you during the event."

How were you introduced to Healing Over Time?

Healing Over Time grew out of an event that MYST did a couple of years ago. MYST is primarily about friendship and having fun, and after a few conversations it seemed like opening the doors to other guilds and organisations was a good way of multiplying the benefits for everyone; the participants, viewers and Child's Play.

What do you hope your group will get out of participating in the event?

Mostly I hope they'll have a great time and we'll be able to share that with everyone who watches. As Nemo and Lyuna's interview can attest, we have some good memories of the last time, which is why we're so eager to do it again. Events like these are great for bringing communities together.

How many people from your group are you hoping will take part?

We're going to have approximately 15 people playing for 24 hours and an estimated 10 more who join us for part of that time. We'll be highlighting three of the streams from the Healing Over Time website, but there'll be other streams available if you want a different perspective. Whichever stream you join, you'll have ears in on our voice server. We're looking at playing a wide variety of games throughout the day.

What is going to make your group different?

MYST is approaching its 8th birthday and a good number of our members have been with us since before 2008. This means we know each other well and have a lot of history, but we're open to newcomers as well. We're going to be aiming to treat the viewers as a new member of the guild and have them join in with the fun.

What in-jokes does your guild have?

There's quite a few, here's some of them:

  • "MYST noob guild" – Early in GW2, we had a PUG call us a "noob guild" because something didn't go perfectly first time in a dungeon. This was their idea of encouragement! We wear it like a badge of honour.

  • Andy can't be trusted – Guild Leader Andy has a habit of leaving people to die in shooters like Left 4 Dead 2. If he's on your team, don't expect him to come back for you.

  • If anything goes wrong, it's Aaron's fault – early in his days in the guild, he volunteered as the scapegoat. He's been (jokingly) blamed for everything from game crashing bugs and delays in release to people being late for events.

How frequently does your guild get involved in charitable events?

We get involved with them every few months – they're really good fun. We helped out with Pink Day in LA for the last 2 years in addition to MYSTathon in 2012.

What games are you particularly looking forward to playing and why?

Personally I'm looking forward to some of the Minecraft maps we're looking at playing, and playing some Guild Wars 2. The Minecraft maps look like they'll make some great friendly competition (we're looking at playing Hunt for the Wool and Hunger Games amongst others).

What plans have you got for keeping everyone motivated for the full 24 hours?

I'm hoping that the viewers can get involved and set us a target that we've got to try to hit. Hopefully focussing on a competition will help people get past their barriers. Alternatively getting us to do silly things like sing for your money will keep people perked up.

Also showers. I can't tell you how blissful and reinvigorating a shower is at the 20 hour mark.

We look forward to seeing how Mystic Spiral will get on during the marathon and if you'd like to know more about the guild itself you can visit their website or contact them through twitter: @_MysticSpiral.

Who are we supporting this year?

Posted by Lianne on 12th March 2014

All of the proceeds from the marathon we're running on March 29th this year will go towards the charity Child's Play; an organisation that is dedicated to improving the lives of children in a network of over 70 hospitals throughout the world.

Child's Play

The main goal of Child's Play is to give hospitals and therapy centres the resources to provide their young patients with toys, games and consoles that can help during their time in the facility. Over the years they have received many positive stories about how having a game or a toy can help make a stay in hospital more enjoyable and less stressful helping to distract from pain or discomfort whilst providing a sense of normalcy allowing play with family and friends. In addition, items like the Kinect or the Wii Balance board can help during physical therapy sessions to engage children in a fun and approachable way.

We also understand the positive impact can gaming can have on lives around the world. All of the groups involved with the Healing Over Time event are social organisations that emphasise the idea that playing together with friends and sharing experiences can help improve and enrich our lives. That's why all the games we'll be playing during our event will be multiplayer, and that's why we'll be streaming it all, so that you too can get involved. Many of us has witnessed the benefits of gaming first hand, from meeting new people who have grown to be very old friends, to offering support during difficult times in our life or simply being the stable to come home too at the end of a long day. Feel free to come and share your stories too on facebook or @healingovertime on twitter where we discuss how gaming has helped us and share our experiences.

Child's Play accomplishes their goal in two ways, helping hospitals set up wish lists of toys and video games that can then be used to send a specific gift to that location and by accepting cash donations which go towards purchasing consoles, peripherals and games that are then distributed to hospitals and therapy centres. This is where we (and hopefully you) come in. Our donation page is already open for our March 29th 24 hour marathon and we're hoping you can help us smash our target of $5000 to show that gaming can really help and have a positive effect on the world around us.

You can see the effect of Child's Play in this video made in 2009 featuring the children and staff of Randwick Children's Hospital in Australia and reading the testimonials on their website.

The Origins of Healing Over Time

Posted by Lianne on 10th March 2014

As preperations are now fully underway for our first event as Healing Over Time on the 29th March, it seemed like a good time to look back and discuss how we got started and talk to a few of the people involved about what they got up to.

Healing Over Time initially started out as the event MYSTathon, a 24-hour gaming marathon that took place on December 22nd 2012, organised by the guild Mystic Spiral. Their goal was to spend 24 hours playing Guild Wars 2 and Dota 2 together as a community in order to raise money for charity and streaming all the fun and hilarity that went along with such an event. In total, 11 members took part, 8 for the full 24 hours and they managed to raise over $500. Realising what a brilliant experience this could be, it seemed to make sense to try and make this bigger and better - and thus Healing Over Time was born.

We talked to two of the current members of Mystic Spiral who were involved in the event about what it was like to take part, what their best and worst memories were and what they were hoping to see from this years event. Lyuna and Nemo have both been members of the guild since 2009 and were involved for the full 24 hours.

What made you volunteer to take part in MYSTathon at the time?

Nemo: Mainly the fun of it all, it's pretty great to do what you like to do for 24 hours straight. And totally doesn't begin hurting at all. I also think Child's Play does amazing things. I can't imagine anything I would want to do more than playing video games while i'm at hospital.

Lyuna: At the time I already knew that big names like, for example, the Yogscast did livestreams for charity. So when the idea for one of our own came up I was already loving the idea. After all, what would be more awesome than being able to do charity work together with friends, doing something we all love? It really wasn't that hard a decision to make in the end, it just came up and I wanted to help.

What did you get up to during the event?

N: Mainly DotA 2 and GW2, I recall it getting to about 5am (19 hours into the marathon) and I just conceded to my tiredness and began torching everything with my engi's flamethrower. Things got better from then. I didn't stream last time, but that might change this time around; be ready for top10 MLG #pureskill plays.

L: I wasn't a streamer back then, I just played. And played. And played some more. The only games we did back then were Guild Wars 2 and DOTA2 and since I don't have the latter I spent all of my 24 hours on Guild Wars 2, doing a wide variety of content. I did do some content writing for our website beforehand, but that really didn't amount to much.

What are some of your best memories of the experience?

N: I recall racing Andy (our lead streamer) in a jumping puzzle. I don't think it went well for me...Or him for that matter. As well as some of the Divine Courage DotA hero builds I had to deal with. (Manta first warlock is pretty good I hear..)

L: Among things, perhaps that point where we were all so tired that the most random of conversations came up. Maybe it wasn't as funny to watch than to take part, but attempting to do Arah explorable at about 4 in the morning was about as hilarious as it was frustrating.

There was also seeing that people were actually watching us and donating. We didn't reach our intended goal of donations, but I still found it heartwarming that people appreciated what we were doing, and were supporting our cause. I went in mostly without expectations, so the outcome was really amazing to me.

Actually there are a lot of really good and fun memories (being trolled by a guildmate during jumping puzzles, though I still pretend to be angry at that, or finally beating Crucible of Eternity and beating the second group to it...) so I'm very sure it'll be as much fun this time around.

Were there any points that made you wonder why you were doing this?

N: After falling off a jumping puzzle I'd cleared 5 times before without failing, about 20 times I began to know what real anger felt like, but I managed to control myself, and do what any hardworking individual would do... And give up.

L: Actually I don't think there were. Of course there was the occasional "I want to sleeeeeep", but nothing that made me actually question the whole event.

What were some of your worst memories of the experience?

N: Simply CoE. There aren't words to describe the pain that dungeon put us all through. Never again... Never.

L: And again I have to say trying Arah explorable. I don't even know how many hours we were in there, and in the end we never even made it past Lupicus before we gave up. I'm pretty sure most of us ended up completely naked for that run too, since we ran out of money to repair. Or at least I did. Utterly infuriating and frustrating, though funny looking back at it – and realizing that now we're actually able to do the dungeon mostly without issues.

Did you do anything special to prepare before you started?

N: Bought 2 litres of energy drinks and decided going to bed at 3am the night before was intelligent.

L: Sleep a lot? Buy a ton of energy drinks? (Not recommended, I actually got very very twitchy towards the end of the 24 hours. Don't overdose on energy drinks, kiddos!) I also stocked up on a lot of snacks, but I'm not sure that actually counts as preparation XD

Have you got any advice for this years participants?

N: I want them to suffer like we did, so no.

L: See the above, don't be like me and overdose on energy drinks. >_> Other than that, don't take yourself too seriously and play to have fun.

Will we be seeing you again this year?

N: Yep! I'll be playing the FPS's mainly. No GW2 for me this year!

L: Decidedly yes. Actually I'm one of MYST's streamers this year, at twitch.tv/lyunatic :3

So what are you looking forward to the most about this years event?

N: Mainly Payday 2 and L4D. Also any other games we can pickup! Hopefully we can get some pretty cool stuff to try out as well *hinthint*

L: Last year I played Guild Wars 2 exclusively (no DOTA2 for me), but this year we have a much wider variety of games we'll be playing. I'm excited to see how that will go down (and looking forward to kicking people's butts during pvp-type activities, bwahahaha). I think across all our streams we've got a healthy mix of all types of games, so anyone can find something fun to watch at any time :D

Anything further you'd like to add?

N: Things are bound to go wrong on the day, don't hesitate to contact us if there are problems! (especially with vent volumes etc)

L: Nothing that I can think of, so I think that's a no?

Welcome to Healing Over Time!

Posted by Lianne on 16th February 2014

Hello and welcome to Healing Over Time! We're running a gaming marathon on the 29th March 2014 to raise money for charity and we're hoping you will help us in our efforts!

You may have known us in the past as MYSTathon, an event run by the guild Mystic Spiral [MYST]. This year we are back and bigger than ever! We have a new site, a new name and lots of new friends willing to join us for 24 hours of fun-filled gaming. So if you're new to us, or if you just want a quick run-down of what the event involves, here's what's happening this year.

On the 29th March 2014 at 10am UTC the main marathon will kick off and over 30 people from 5 organisations will begin playing games for 24 hours. We will be streaming our progress over multiple channels and we will have lots of prizes to give away throughout the event. This year, our target is to raise over $5000 for Child's Play, a charity that helps to provide gaming equipment to children in hospitals all around the world.

So what happens next? Well we have six weeks to go, and we need as much help as possible to get the word out there about what we're doing; Please help by following us on Twitter (@HealingOverTime), liking our Facebook page and generally spreading the word to everyone you know. If you want to get ahead of the crowd, donations are already open and if you would like to discuss the possibility of helping us out with prizes and sponsorship then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Check back regularly for updates as we prepare for the event.